MACILE synthesizes research and policies to foster design and improvement of robust learning processes and systems that can advance K–12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and language education in less advantaged communities through interdisciplinary international collaboration.

Education Programs

  • MACILE Summer Academy immerses talented students in Grade 6–12 in a language-infused STEM (STEM-L) learning environment that enlarges their thoughts and stimulates their creative imagination

  • The RS program promotes the development of a technological literate workforce for the 21st century challenging talented high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Dominican Republic to get excited about sustainability, technology and engineering with LEGO Robotics and simulation modeling techniques

  • TDI provides development opportunities in language-infused STEM (STEM-L) education for educators from less advantaged communities



  • MACILE-DR scholarships are open to talented, underserved young people from the Itabo-Nigua region. The MACILE Scholarship Program aims to increase access to better education for young people, advance academic excellence and competitiveness, and contribute to improving the graduation rate.